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Vol. 8, No. 5 -- March 27, 2009


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U.S. Restores $50 Million in Funds for United Nations Population Fund

Group Tied to China's Coercive One-Child Policy to Receive Taxpayer Funds


The Obama administration announced last week that the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is receiving $50 million in U.S. funding, despite evidence tying the group to forced and coerced abortion in China.

The Bush administration withdrew funds for the organization after government investigators said the group worked side-by-side with population control officials in China and even shared office space with them. Since Obama's election, abortion advocacy groups such as Planned Parenthood had been urging the new president to restore taxpayer funding to UNFPA.

Pro-life and human rights advocates are worried by the move, saying China's one-child program has been rife with abuses such as forced abortions and forced sterilizations, using economic and other pressures to force families to consent to the policy, and imprisoning those working against the program. UNFPA has defended their role in China by claiming that they are working with Chinese officials to remove coercive measures from their program.

However, the Population Research Institute (PRI) says an investigation in early March of three “model counties” where UNFPA operates, and where the group says coercive measures have been relaxed, found that the one-child policy has not been scaled back. In fact, PRI says, “in some ways, the coercive measures taken by the government are worse now then ever.”

According to Colin Mason of PRI, who headed up the investigation, "when the actual conditions on the ground are observed, the UNFPA's claim that it 'played a catalytic role in introducing a voluntary reproductive health approach in China' is patently absurd. The policy is just as coercive in these areas as anywhere else."

"Crippling fines, intense pressure to be sterilized, the flagrant display of quota information, and even the seizure of 'illegal children' by the government are commonplace," Mason added. "The UNFPA insists that its presence has led to the removal of these measures. It has not."


Despite such evidence, however, some members of Congress are asking for more funds for UNFPA. has reported that four members of Congress sent a letter to the Foreign Operations Subcommittee asking for a $15 million dollar funding increase for UNFPA and a $535 million increase for "family planning" money overall. Such money could go to groups that promote and perform abortions overseas, as the Obama administration overturned a previous executive order barring taxpayer funding for such groups.


As the Elliot Institute has repeatedly noted, women are frequently pushed, coerced, pressured or forced into unwanted abortions and abortion has been linked to increased psychological and physical harm for women, so such money is likely to cause greater harm for women and their families throughout the world.






Anniversary of Federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act Finds Many Women and Girls Still At Risk
Share the Forced Abortion in America Report in Your Community


March 30 is the fifth anniversary of the passage of the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which allows charges to be brought in federal cases when an unborn child is killed or injured during an attack on the mother.

The Elliot Institute special report, Forced Abortion in America, documents many cases of violence in which pregnant girls, teens and women were threatened, assaulted or killed for refusing to abort. Shockingly, homicide has been found to be the leading cause of death among pregnant women in the U.S. in several studies.

This report is an important tool to educate others on this injustice and the risks that vulnerable teens and women may be facing in their communities. You can download a Forced Abortion Fact Sheet to copy, publish and share in your own community. You can also download and share the 26-page Forced Abortion Special Report.





Arizona Attorney General to Investigate Abortion Businesses for Hiding Sex Crimes, Undercover Group Says

The Arizona attorney general is investigating whether abortion businesses are hiding cases of sexual abuse involving minor girls by illegally failing to report suspected cases to authorities, a pro-life group says.

The investigation was announced by Live Action, a group that has been sending undercover investigators posing as pregnant teens with adult “boyfriends” into abortion businesses and secretly taping conversations with staff. The group recorded staff at Planned Parenthood affiliates in Ohio and Arizona allegedly telling investigators to hide information about their ages or saying that they don't ask questions or don't want to know what is going on.

Arizona law requires medical personnel to contact law enforcement officials in cases where a child or teen is in a sexual relationship with an adult. Live Action announced it had received a letter from a county attorney stating the matter was under investigation by the state attorney general.

In 2002, a judge found an Arizona Planned Parenthood negligent for failing to report a case in which a 13-year-old girl underwent two abortions after being sexually abused by her 23-year-old foster brother. And the pro-life group Life Dynamics has also released recordings of abortion clinic staffers instructing undercover investigators to hide evidence of sexual abuse and to lie in court in order to obtain an abortion without having their parents find out that an adult was having sex with them.




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