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Vol. 7, No. 21 -- November 10, 2008


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Planned Parenthood Wants Obama to Fund Group Tied to China's One-Child Policy

Obama Expected to Restore Funding to UNFPA


Planned Parenthood has sent an email to supporters saying it wants Obama to restore funding to a group that supports China's one-child policy. has reported that Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards sent an email to supporters listing things the group wants Obama to do once he takes office.  Among them is to restore $34 million in tax-payer funds to the United Nations Population Fund, which lost the money over its ties to China's coercive population control program.


Although UNFPA has denied involvement with China's programs, investigators said the group worked alongside Chinese family planning officials. China's program includes forced abortions and sterilizations as well as using coercive measures to force people to submit to the program. The Bush administration also recently denied funding to Marie Stopes International, another abortion advocacy group, over connections to China.


Richards also said Planned Parenthood is "acting quickly to overturn any dangerous last-minute anti-choice regulations that the lame-duck Bush administration may seek to put in place."


Observers say Obama is expected to restore funding to UNFPA and other abortion advocacy groups. As a senator, he also voted to overturn the Mexico City Policy, which prevents taxpayer money from being used to promote or perform abortions in other countries.






Woman Taken to Hospital From Kansas Abortion Clinic
Third Emergency Documented in Five Weeks

Operation Rescue is reporting that a woman was transported by ambulance from a late-term abortion business in Wichita, Kansas—the third emergency reported there in five weeks.

The woman was transported from Women's Health Care Services, an abortion business operated by notorious abortion practitioner George Tiller, to a local hospital on Nov. 6. Pro-life advocates outside the clinic noted the woman was hooked up to an IV.

Operation Rescue and other pro-life groups in Kansas are calling for an emergency suspension of Tiller's license following numerous accusations of botched abortions, including a late-term abortion that resulted in a woman's death in 2005. Studies have found that death rates among women go up after abortion, including deaths from suicides, accidents and homicides.

For more information on the physical risks of abortion, see our Physical Risks fact sheet at







20/20 VISION

Looking Back at the Past 20 Years, Looking Ahead to New Hope



It's been 20 years since Dr. David Reardon began the Elliot Institute in order to conduct original research on the effects of abortion on women, men and society. He started out working from the basement of his home with no staff and just a little seed money from supporters. 


With a lot of hard work and the help of our friends, we now serve as a major resource for organizations around the world who are concerned about protecting the rights of women and their unborn children. Our mission also includes educating others about abortion's injustice, trauma and risk to all involved, and raising awareness of the need for healing.


This mission has led us to undertake many efforts over the past 20 years. For the rest of this year, we will be taking a look back at our efforts and highlighting 20 of the most important. Here's the next one:


Exposing Deceptive Practices at Abortion Clinics


In 2005, a survey of women who had undergone abortions found that 84 percent said they were not given adequate counseling before abortion, with 79 percent saying they were not given information on abortion alternatives and 67 percent saying they were not counseled at all.


Time and time again, we have heard stories from women saying that their concerns or questions about abortion were dismissed or ignored, and that they were given false and deceptive information.


In response, we launched the Expose Deceptive Abortion Practices (EDAP) project to collect complaints regarding violations of consumer protection laws from women who have had abortions. Our goal is to use these complaints to initiate state's attorney's investigations and prosecution of abortion businesses engaged in deceptive business practices.


Within just a few months of launching EDAP, we were also able to refer three women who suffered recent injuries to malpractice attorneys. This is an ongoing project that will help stop the practice of giving women false and misleading information before abortion and help protect their rights and the rights of their unborn children.


How can you help support efforts like this? By making a making a $20 donation in honor of our 20th Anniversary.


Your gift can transform one—or a thousand—lives. By supporting our many research and educational projects, including our publications and our advertising/outreach campaign, you can change perceptions about "choice" ... raise awareness of widespread coercion and pregnancy- and abortion-related justices to everyone involved ... and open the door to healing.


With your $20 gift, you would be donating $1 for each of our 20 years. But perhaps you would consider making a gift of $60 ($3 for each of our 20 years), $100 ($5 for each of our 20 years), $200 ($10 for each of our 20 years) or even $400 ($20 for each of our 20 years).


Every dollar makes a difference!


Your support can help save lives today ... and stop a thousand injustices tomorrow.


To make a $20 contributionin recognition of 20 years of research, education and outreachor a gift of any amount, please do one of the following:


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