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Coerced Abortions

Forced Abortions in U.S.

Rape & Incest

Teens & Abortion

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New facts in user-friendly formats




On this page ... The Elliot Institute has distilled important academic evidence about abortion into printable, user-friendly formats that are suitable for general audiences. You'll find evidence-based education and outreach materials and other resources to help people learn more and educate others about these issues.


Resources include easy-to-share fact sheets, flyers, special-issue reports and booklets, ads, bumper stickers, apparel and other message-merchandise, books and more education and outreach materials.




10 user-friendly evidence-based pieces to share with anyone new to this issue



Download free resources to print, post or share in other ways. They include new evidence about unwanted abortions plus further documentation of post-abortion issues. (Before or after abortion, women are being exploited or killed, too.)


Share a compassionate, evidence-based new message. These materials include citations or a link to citations.

1. Portraits of Coercion (8.5 x 14, front and back) Poignant quotes and surprising new facts about unwanted, coerced or forced abortions. (See citations for this flyer.)


2. "What Every American Needs to Know" flyer or postcard plus gender-specific and global versions as well as co-op versions where you can add your own information.


3.  "Forced Abortion in America" Fact Sheet, Ad or Flyer (8.5 x 11) Summary of evidence of unwanted, coerced and forced abortions and other abortion-related abuses, violence and homicide.


4. The 26-page "Forced Abortion in America" Special Report includes the above fact sheet plus examples of cases where women were abused, assaulted or killed for resisting abortion.


5. "Teens and Abortion" Fact Sheet (8.5 x 11 front and back) Evidence of the harm caused to teens, including increased risk for coercion, physical injury, trauma, suicide and death from all causes.

6. Hard Cases: New Facts, New Answers   shorter version   longer version

Do women who become pregnant through sexual assault really want abortions? A surprising answer from women who've been there and a compassionate response.

7. Physical Risks of Abortion Fact Sheet   shorter version    longer version

8. Psychological Risks of Abortion Fact Sheet   shorter version     longer version


9. Top 10 Reasons it's The UnChoice (download pdf - 8.5 x 11 front and back)


10. The UnChoice Definition Flyer or Postcard



Research Summaries, Special Reports & Booklets


Research Summaries


1. Research Studies   Page   Short Booklet   Long Booklet


2. Physical Risks   Page   Short Fact Sheet   Long Fact Sheet 


3. Psychological Risks   Page   Short Fact Sheet   Long Fact Sheet



Special Reports & Booklets


Forced Abortion in America Report (26 pages) This report includes the fact sheet plus examples of cases where women were assaulted or killed for refusing to abort. 

Special Edition on the RU-486 Abortion Drug
Articles: RU-486 and the Assault on Pregnant Women; RU-486: A Tool for Population Control


Special Edition on IVF and Abortion
Articles: Targeting "Excess" Children: Infertility Treatments and the Problem of "Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction"; IVF, Mass Production and Coercion


Special Edition on Men and Abortion

Articles: Forgotten Fathers and Their Unforgettable Children; The Impact of Abortion on Men; Post-Abortion Trauma in Men Still Overlooked; "That Day Ripped My Gut Out:" One Man's Story of Abortion


Special Edition on Sexual Assault Pregnancy and Abortion
Articles: Rape, Incest and Abortion: Searching Beyond the Myths; What the Research Says; "I Felt Like I Had No Other Choice:" One Woman's Story of Sexual Assault and Abortion

Special Edition on Abortion and Substance Abuse
Articles: Abortion and the Link to Substance Abuse: What the Research Says; "All I Wanted Was My Baby:" One Woman's Story of Abortion and Substance Abuse


Special Edition on Teens and Abortion

Articles: Is Abortion Better for Teens Than Unwanted Pregnancy?; How Teens Are Manipulated Into Unwanted Abortions; Helping Predators, Harming Teens, Nobody Told Me I Could Cry: Tiffany's Story


Series on Abortion-Breast Cancer by expert Dr. Joel Brind

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV


Check our Special Report Page often for new editions. 


Help & Healing ...


Help & Healing booklet (pdf) - help before or after abortion, including those being coerced into unwanted abortions 
How to Help Others booklet (pdf)

Help & Healing Page
Help for those Being Coerced or Forced to Abort (off-site) - Center Against Forced Abortion (CAFA)



Information kits



sample information kit

Download kits of materials to share with others

Updated with the latest research Including new studies on widespread coercion.


Introductory information kit

Political kit 
Version for various audiences


Other PR, Media, Advocacy & Outreach Resources:

Press Release page -- tips and sample press release

Letters to the Editor page -- tips and sample letters

Advocacy and Outreach Section -- resources and tools for PR, media, political and other types of education and outreach




Books Page




The UnChoice Ad and Education Campaign



radio & tv billboard posters print ads flyers bumper stickers



Pro-woman/pro-life awareness, help and healing campaign



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Mix & Match Menu of Ads & Educational Materials



Many ads and educational materials may be run "as is" with little or no cost or advance planning as opposed to a campaign, which requires more advance coordination, budgeting and expertise. Learn more in Ads 101. In the meantime, choose anything from the "Mix & Match" menu on our Ad Campaign page to find materials suitable for general or single-use applications.


Many of the materials are ideal for handouts, mailers or insertion in newsletters, bulletins and print or online publications directed toward educating diverse audiences unaware of new pro-woman/pro-life evidence and issues. This includes but is not limited to:




Message merchandise



Message Shop -- share pro-woman/pro-life messages wherever you go!









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