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Vol. 9, No. 13 -- October 11, 2010


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Thank You for Taking Our
Church Awareness Survey
Nearly 400 Respondents Provided Valuable Feedback

Nearly 400 people responded to our request for input about our upcoming church awareness campaign by taking our survey. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!


We'll be sharing some of those responses with you in the coming days. For now, I'll just share what one person wrote in answer to the question, "What do you think needs to be done in churches and other places of worship to create a more healing and supportive environment for those who have had abortions, and to help those who may be encouraged, pushed or pressured to abort?"


Here's what the respondent wrote:


Educate, educate, educate. I believe that once they learn of what these women have experienced and the pressure they were under, as well as the lies that society have inundated them with, the church will be more likely to help. ... They would be more woman centered.


The church awareness campaign that we will be launching in a few weeks will be centered around this kind of education -- education that will help churches be able to reach out to those who are at risk, vulnerable or hurting.


We'll be sharing more responses from the survey with you in the coming days. Thank you so much for all your help and feedback!



"A Breech of Public Responsibility"

A Researcher Responds to Claims That Studies
Show No Mental Health Problems After Abortion

In 2008 the American Psychological Association released a Task Force Report concluding that "[t]here is no credible evidence that a single elective abortion of an unwanted pregnancy in and of itself causes mental health problems for adult women." Although the report was criticized by both pro-life and pro-choice researchers, it continues to be cited as evidence that abortion does not have a negative impact on women's mental health.


Priscilla Coleman, author of numerous studies on mental health and abortion and a leading critic of the Task Force report, has issued the following response to these claims.

Continue reading ...



Learn more: Find more news, analysis and other information on the APA Task Force Report here.





Research Roundup 

Quick Notes and Links to Information on
the Latest Research


Study Claiming Abortion Not Linked to Depression in Teens is Flawed, Researchers Say

A new study published in Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health is claiming that teens who have abortions are not more likely to experience depression afterward. However, the study contradicts previous research and has a number of problems (including small sample size and poor controls). To read the criticism of the study, visit here (see the third entry) and here.


Study: Women Who Use Abortion Drug Experience More Pain, Emotional Distress


The abortion drug mifepristone (more commonly known as RU 486) was supposed to be a panacea for women -- allowing them to have safer abortions in the privacy of their own home. But a new study out of England finds women who had the drug-induced abortions preferred the surgical abortion procedure. Continue reading ...




Learn more: For information about the latest research published in 2010, including links to original papers, visit here.




Volunteers Needed

The Elliot Institute is in need of volunteers to help with various projects. If you can, please consider volunteering for a short-term project commitment or a long-term partnership. You don't have to live in the local area to help! 

Volunteer Needs

Graphic design - production artists. Professional graphic designer with html and production design experience to do primarily detailed production work in print and on-line media. Fluent in InDesign, PhotoShop and other software.

Volunteer Assistant We need a highly organized, tech-savvy, good communicator to help work with and organize projects and assist with project follow-up. Able to work with minimal supervision, with periodic project checkpoints.

Web development assistant ... Knowledge of html, css and page design, FrontPage and other software. Help develop, organize and maintain basic web sites.


We have volunteer needs that change as we start new projects and goals. Check our volunteer page for options if you feel called to share your time and talent. If you are interested in volunteering, contact us at 1-888-412-2767 or (If you have a resume or samples of your work, please send them.) Thank you!



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