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Download the Pregnancy Help Resource List as a pdf


Center Against Forced Abortions
This site offers legal advice about how to stop someone from pushing or forcing you to abort.


Free Help for Those Facing a Coerced or Forced Abortion


Abortion Pill Reversal

If you've taken the abortion pill (RU-486) but want to
continue the pregnancy, a doctor may be able to help.



Finding Help If You Are Pregnant



The following are links to groups offering confidential help, resources, assistance, and advice to those experiencing unexpected pregnancies, including those who are being coerced or forced into unwanted abortions. Inclusion in this list should not be taken as an endorsement of any group's programs or philosophy.

These are national organizations with local affiliates throughout the country.
Local assistance may also be listed in the Yellow Pages or searching online under "Abortion Alternatives."


Some of the organizations listed below also offer help for those struggling after abortion. For more information on post-abortion support, click here.


If you are being pressured or forced



No one has the right to coerce or force into an unwanted abortion. If you are being abused or threatened, this is wrong--and you have a right to authentic support. The organizations listed below can help you find resources and support.


If you are a teen or adult woman being pushed, pressured, coerced or forced into an unwanted abortion, contact the Center Against Forced Abortions for resources and legal help. You can also find help by contacting the pregnancy help organizations listed below.


For more information and support, including knowing your rights, read What to Do if Your Boyfriend Wants You to Get An Abortion.



Organizations that can help



*Please note: The services offered by help/healing groups are confidential and, in many cases, free. Inclusion in this list should not be taken as an endorsement of any group's programs or philosophy.


The organizations listed are national organizations with affiliates throughout the country. You may also find local resources listed in the Yellow Pages under "Abortion Alternatives."



National Pregnancy Help Organizations (US)

Option Line
1-800-712-HELP (4357)

Offers pregnancy tests, medical and professional help, and care for single mothers. Trained consultants are available by phone, email or chat 24 hours a day.



Offers pregnancy testing, clothing, parenting classes, adoption services, medical care, family counseling, and referrals for legal assistance.

The Nurturing Network


Nationwide network of volunteers provides support for women facing crisis pregnancies. Offers assistance in finding employment and help with medical, residential, and financial resources.


Bethany Christian Services

Offers pregnancy counseling, foster care, housing for pregnant women, family and marital counseling, and adoption services.



Regional Pregnancy Help Organizations


EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers (New York)



Offers pregnancy tests, counseling, medical care and other assistance in the New York City area.



Canadian Pregnancy Help Organizations


Campaign Life Coalition Pregnancy Help Page



This site lists pregnancy help organizations across Canada that provide free, confidential help for those needing assistant due to a pregnancy. Help can include pregnancy testing, emotional support, assistance with parenting and adoption plans, counseling, housing assistance and more.


Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services

1-866-845-2151 (MST)


CAPSS clinics offer help for women, men and their loved ones facing issues related to unplanned pregnancies, post-abortion healing  and sexual health. Visit their web site for a list of clinics throughout Canada that offer assistance.


Resources for College and University Students


Pregnant on Campus Initiative

Offers a comprehensive collection of resources for pregnant and parenting college students. Find information for organizations that will assist you with your pregnant and parenting concerns—such as emotional support, financial assistance, housing, insurance, or material needs. Search National, State, and School resource pages to identify the organizations and opportunities available to you in your area.


FFL College Outreach Program

Provides information and resources for pregnant and parenting students on campus. The web site includes links for pregnant women, fathers, victims of violence, birthparents, employees, parents of pregnant students and more. Click the resources tab at the top of the page for a drop-down list of helpful pages.



For Fathers


Abortion and Men: What's a Father to Do?

Article with information and resources for fathers whose partners are considering abortion.


Note: Fathers can also contact any of the pregnancy help organizations listed above.



Abortion Pill (RU-486) Reversal


If you have taken the "abortion pill" (RU-486) but want to continue your pregnancy, it may not be too late. There are physicians willing to attempt the reversal of the medication. Contact the organization below to speak with a nurse who will work with a doctor to help you.


Abortion Pill Reversal





Help After Poor Prenatal Diagnosis


Be Not Afraid



An online outreach to parents who have received a poor or difficult prenatal diagnosis. Provides help parents as they seek as they seek to honor the life of their baby, no matter how frail or how brief.


Isaiah's Promise



Offers support and information to families who have received a severe or fatal prenatal diagnosis. Includes links to other organizations with helpful information.


Anencephaly Support



Online resource with links to multiple resources, articles and information for families who have received a diagnosis of anencephaly.




Offers personal stories, support and information for families who have received a diagnosis of anencephaly. Help for affected parents, caregivers and friends. (Site is available in multiple languages).



Prenatal Partners for Life




A group of concerned parents (most of whom have or had a special needs child), medical professionals, legal professionals and clergy whose aim is to support, inform and encourage expectant or new parents. They offer support by connecting parents facing an adverse diagnosis with other parents who have had the same diagnosis. They have many resources such as adoption agencies with clients waiting to adopt and love a special needs child should a parent feel they could not care for them.



Advocacy and Legal Help


Center Against Forced Abortions

Provides legal resources for teens who are being coerced into unwanted abortions


What to Do if Your Boyfriend Wants You to Get An Abortion
Article with information on your rights, links to resources and support and more.



Other Resources


Raising Kids on a Shoestring

An online guide offering information on free and frugal resources, solutions and practical support for pregnant women, expectant fathers and parents.



Learn More:

Download A List of Pregnancy Help Organizations to Keep on Hand or Share With Others

Help After Abortion for Women, Men and Families

How to Help Someone Who's Struggling After Abortion






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