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Vol. 9, No. 15 -- Nov. 4, 2010


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Editor's Note


We are very excited about the great response we've had so far to our Church Awareness Project. Thank you to everyone who's signed up so far. Read about the launch and find a link to join the project below.


Church Awareness Project Blog


We've also launched a Church Awareness Project Blog. It's a great place for you to get the latest news and information about the Church Awareness Project. You can also share your own comments and ideas, what's working (or not) in your church, and more!


Signature Ad


Also, if your church or pro-life group is holding events for Respect Life Sunday in January, consider running our Signature Ad in your local newspaper. It's a great way to educate people that most abortions are unwanted and coerced and that abortion not only ends the life of an unborn child, but destroys all those involved. Invite your community to join you in advocating for life and for the mothers, fathers and families hurt by abortion!







Church Awareness Project Launches
With More Than 130 Participants

Project Off to A Good Start As People
Educate Their Church Leaders, Others


More than 130 people have already signed up to be a part of the Elliot Institute's Church Awareness Project, which launched Wednesday.


The Church Awareness Project is a new effort to help mobilize and transform churches to recognize and speak out about the harm caused by abortion and to become places of support for women, men and families who are at risk of exploitation because of an unplanned pregnancy or who have already been hurt by abortion.


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Do More: Join the Church Awareness Project.






Nancy's Story

One Woman's Story of Rape,
Unwanted Abortion, Acceptance and Healing



In this excerpt from The Jericho Plan (available in the Church Leader's Kit), one woman shares her story of coerced abortion after rape and how she is healing from the pain of this experience.


In 1973 I became pregnant from a date rape. I had tried to hide it from my parents, but of course they found out. Then the pressure started. “How are you going to go to college with a baby?” “How are you going to support it?” “It is only a blob of blood. It’s not a baby yet.” Before I had time to think about what I wanted, the abortion was over.


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Learn more: Read more stories from those who've been there.







Download the GoodSearch Toolbar
to Help Us During the Holidays

Nearly 50 people responded to our request for help by downloading the GoodSearch Toolbar this month. If you were one of them, thank you so much! And to all of our supporters, there's still time to help us out by downloading the toolbar in time for Christmas and other holiday shopping!


Here's how it works: Each time you use the GoodSearch toolbar to search or shop online (at more than 1,500 stores, from Amazon to Zazzle!), a donation will be made to the Elliot Institute.


It doesn't cost you anything to download the toolbar, and you can continue using your regular browser and other toolbars. We have earned nearly $200 from GoodSearch so far in 2010, all thanks to people who are simply doing the things they usually do online.


To download the GoodSearch toolbar:


1. Click
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3. Click "Share With Friends" on our toolbar download page so that others can get involved! (Or, invite others to get involved by simply copying and sending this request to others you know.)

P.S. If you download the toolbar NOW, you can help us earn an extra $100 from GoodSearch as part of their October Giveaway Contest! The first 100 organizations to get 100 new toolbar downloads by October 31 will earn $100.

For more information (and to check our current status), visit

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