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Vol. 11, No. 6 -- May 18, 2012

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As mentioned in our last newsletter, 2012 is the 25th anniversary of the publication of Aborted Women, Silent No More. Based on research with women in post-abortion counseling, the book was one of the first to tell the stories, "in their own words," of women who had been there. It also took a close look at the abortion industry and the culture of exploitation and abuse that if fostered.


Many people continue to support the abortion industry because they see it as a "health care provider" for women. But as the article below shows, the abortion industry has longed functioned more like a deceptive business than a medical provider. This excerpt from Aborted Women, Silent No More looks at how the abortion industry turned to practices normally spurned by the medical field -- practices that increased their profits at the expense of women and unborn children.


During the coming months we will be sending you more excerpts from Aborted Women, Silent No More to commemorate the publication of this classic. And, don't forget that we are currently offering 25% off copies of this book. See our book page for information on how to order.



Business Before Medicine

How the Abortion Industry Dropped Medical Standards in Order to Make a Profit

Abortion in America is a commodity, bought and sold for the supposed "benefit" of the buyer and the profit of the seller. Though abortion utilizes medical knowledge, it is not medical -- that is, abortions are not prescribed in order to heal the body or cure illness. Even in rare cases where serious medical problems do exist because of the pregnancy, abortion is still not good medicine. Given the physical and psychological risks of this procedure, an informed and truly "conscientious physician" would never prescribe a direct abortion.

For the medical workers and "clinics" engaged in the abortion industry, decisions about providing abortion services are not based on medical science, but on perceived "consumer demand." Rather than being a medical cure prescribed by a trained physician, abortion has become just another service delivered on request, regardless of women's motives or needs -- and even regardless of whether they truly even want the procedure or are freely choosing to access it. Abortions are simply dispensed to whomever can pay the price, no questions asked.

This is a far cry from the medical standards of the past, when the dignity of physicians lay in their devotion to protecting human life. This high-minded ideal was summed up in the Hippocratic oath, by which physicians pledged to use their knowledge and skills only to save lives and improve health.

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