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Vol. 12, No. 1 -- February 18, 2013


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It Was Never About "Choice" Anyway

Abortion Isn't Really a Choice When It's the Only Option Offered

Recently Planned Parenthood announced that it was dropping its use of the term “pro-choice” to describe its policies and activities (although other abortion advocacy groups are proudly continuing to use this term).

There has been much speculation as to why Planned Parenthood is changing its rhetoric. Whatever the motives behind this change, one thing should be clear to anyone who is willing to take an honest look at women’s experiences with abortion: it was never really about “choice” anyway.

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Empower Women, Not the State

By Christina Dunigan

Christina Dunigan of Real Choice, a researcher who tracks women’s deaths from abortion, writes about how abortionists can violate informed consent laws and the need for right to redress laws to protect the rights of pregnant women.

I’m all in favor of informed consent — particularly in the case of abortion, where the stakes are so high. A lack of informed consent can lead to the death of a cherished child and the devastation that this causes to women. ...

[But] I’ve listened to years’ worth of tapes of National Abortion Federation meetings, and from their discussions I have an idea of how abortion mills work to circumvent informed consent laws. The typical approach is to tell the woman something like this:

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