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Special Report on Abortion & Substance Abuse



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Abortion and Substance Abuse:
What the Research Says


April is national Alcohol Awareness Month, an event dedicated to raising awareness of the devastating effects of alcohol abuse and encouraging those effected to seek help and treatment.

Research shows that women are likely to date the onset of alcohol or drug abuse to a particular stressful event or situation in their lives. For some women, this stressful event may be an abortion.


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All I Wanted Was My Baby

Jill's Story


Note: The following testimony is excerpted from the book Giving Sorrow Words: Women's Stories of Grief After Abortion by Melinda Tankard Reist.

My boyfriend and I had been going steady for over 12 months, sure we were going to wait until we got married. I was 16 and a virgin, but we saw each other every day and one time the petting went to the point of no return. I had just had an appendix operation and I thought that was why my period was late. Think again: sure enough, I was pregnant.

By three months my pregnancy was starting to show. My boyfriend and I were really happy about it and I bought my first maternity dress. One Sunday night, instead of going to church, we decided to tell my parents. Their reaction took me totally by surprise. They told my boyfriend, whom they never liked anyway, to get out. Their only words to me were, "You are having an abortion"

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