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Abortion and men
How abortion affects fathers and families


"Most of the men I talk to think about the abortion years after it is over.
They feel sad, they feel curious, they feel a lot of things; but usually
they have talked to no one about it. It's a taboo." -- Sociologist Arthur Shostak


Abortion's impact on men is something experts are only beginning to explore, understand and address. Learn more about men and abortion on this page and find links to helpful resources and outreach projects, too. There is also more information about how to help or find help on our help and healing page for  women and men, fathers or families considering or coercing abortion or suffering after abortion.  


Articles & Research about Men and Abortion

Abortion's Impact on Men's Relationships

Men's Stories about Abortion

Men, Abortion and Suicide
Post-Abortion Resources for Men: Help, Healing and Information
Father's Day Education/Outreach - How to Help Men and Families

Special Edition: Elliot Institute Report on Men and Abortion


Articles and research about men and abortion



 Research Reveals Men's Sense of Grief and Helplessness in Response to Abortion

Studies on womenís negative responses to their abortions have appeared frequently over the past couple of decades. But research on menís reactions to the abortion of their child have been harder to find.

Now, new research by Catherine T. Coyle and Vincent M. Rue appearing in the October 2015 issue of Counseling and Values offers ďA Thematic Analysis of Menís Experience With a Partnerís Elective Abortion.Ē read more

Study of How Abortion Impacts Men's Relationships


A study published in the peer-reviewed journal Public Health has found that abortion can affect relationships for both women and men. read more


Round Up of Articles About Men and Abortion


Vist here for an excellent round-up of articles, research and testimonies on men an abortion from NRL News Today.


Forgotten Fathers and Their Unforgettable Children
by David C. Reardon, Ph.D.


In the early seventies, Arthur Shostak accompanied his partner to a well-groomed suburban abortion clinic. They had both agreed abortion was best. But sitting in the waiting room proved to be a "bruising experience." By the time he left the clinic, he was shocked about how deeply disturbed he had become. read more


Abortion  and Men: What's a Father to Do?


NOTE: This article is for anyone in a position to help a woman choose against abortion, including parents, boyfriends, husbands, and friends.   read more


Men and Coerced Abortion


Men have no legal say when it comes to abortion, and often little opportunity to support their partners and unborn children. Men and teenage boys who don't want the abortion may be silenced, left out of the discussion, or be victims of coercion along with their partners. read more


Post-Abortion Trauma in Men Still Overlooked
by Catherine Coyle, Ph.D.


[More than thirty] years have passed since the legalization of abortion in the United States. In those years, numerous studies have documented the potential negative effects of abortion on women. The effects of abortion on men however have been largely ignored by both the scientific community and American society. read more


An Online Pilot Study to Investigate the Effects of Abortion on Men

by Catherine Coyle, R.N., Ph.D.


The internet has changed many aspects of modern culture. It has provided a rapid means of communication to and from almost anywhere in the world. The internet has also proven to be a source of vast amounts of information on a multitude of topics including health, the sciences, current events, weather, and even humor. Recently, the internet has been used as a tool by social scientists to engage in online research. read more


The Impact of Abortion on Men


When people think about the role of men in abortion, it seems that they usually think about the stereotype of the man who forces the abortion or the male who abandons. However, there are many roles the man may have played in the experience. One man may have been involved in several abortions, each with a different scenario. The impact on fathers is mitigated by the role they play in the abortion. They fall into separate categories. read more


Men, Abortion and Suicide


At this point, there are only a few studies examining the impact of abortion on men. Counselors who work with men after abortion say that men have reported a large number of problems that they claim were a direct result of their abortion experience. read more


Men and Suicide Video -- (off-site, Kevin Burke, co-founder Rachel's Vineyard)


Restoring Fatherhood Lost
by Warren Williams


Fathers become involved in an abortion in one of five ways: (1) they encourage or support the woman to choose abortion; (2) they pressure her to abort; (3) they abandon her to make the decision alone: (4) they unsuccessfully oppose the abortion; or (5) they learn about the abortion only after it has been done. read more


Men and Abortion, Grief and Healing

by Wayne F. Brauning, M.Div., D.Min


I have a friend whose father disappeared in Mexico. The loss has been more painful for him than if his father had died in his arms. How can one grieve for a father who has simply disappeared? For that matter, how can one grieve for a child who has simply "vanished?" read more



Psychologists: APA Deceptive on How Abortion Adversely Affects Women and Men


Two prominent psychologists are participating in the second national conference on the kind of profound grief and regret men can experience after their involvement in an abortion decision. They said the American Psychological Association missed the boat in a recent report on abortion's negative effects. read more



Fathers in crisis: Dads are key to preventing abortions
By Michael Leaser

There is a growing movement among Pregnancy Resource Centers and elsewhere to include men in the services they offer. Acknowledging a father's role is an important factor in respecting men and in deterring the heartbreak of abortion for everyone involved. read more



Men's stories about abortion



That Day Ripped My Gut Out


For every woman who has had an abortion a man has been involved. For me it was two abortions. read more


One Man's Story 

Abortion affects every life it touches . . . and for many, it hurts. I know. This is my story. read more


Robert's Testimony (story from a man conceived in sexual assault)

Growing up I never really wondered who my real father was. At the age of 14 years old I questioned my mother for the first time. 'Who is my biological father?" She told me that he was not worth searching for. read more


More Men's Stories

Silent No More Awareness Campaign

Reclaiming Fatherhood

Men's Stories From NRL News Today




The following are links to organizations and web sites offering information, counseling, research and resources on men and abortion. Inclusion in this list should not be taken as an endorsement of any group's programs or philosophy. If we have overlooked resources that should be included, please send an email to elliotinstitute@gmail.com.


Some crisis pregnancy centers and church-based groups that offer counseling, Bible studies, or other healing programs for women after abortion may also have programs for men as well. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Abortion Alternatives" for groups that might offer such support. For more information about healing and finding a group that works for you, visit our healing page.


Menandabortion.info includes research, articles, stories, information and healing resources for men. It also includes information for counselors and others who provide post-abortion help to men.


The Fatherhood Forever Foundation is dedicated to helping men find healing and hope after abortion by creating awareness that abortion does have an impact on men and providing encouragement to those seeking help. Lists resources, including books, articles and healing/support organizations.


The Men's Abortion Network at is a network of researchers, counselors and others who promote healing and create awareness of men's abortion experiences. The site contains helpful articles and links to counseling resources. A speaker's bureau is also available.


PATH (Post Abortion Treatment and Healing) has a "for men" page with information on the emotional impact of abortion on men.


Rachel's Vineyard post-abortion healing ministry has information for men. The group provides support for women and men struggling after abortion through weekend retreats and email support. Women or men whose partners have experienced abortion are also invited to attend the retreats with their partner.


Abortion Recovery International lists groups that provide healing services for men, as well as for other family members such as grandparents or siblings who have been affected by abortion.


Ramah International men's page includes a link to resources. There is also a short page for men whose partners have experienced abortion at www.ramahinternational.org/post-abortive-spouse.html.


Entering Canaan Days of Prayer and Renewal for men, sponsored by Lumina post-abortion healing ministry and the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, are held several times a year in New York City. These retreats are for men who have been involved in an abortion and/or whose spouse has had an abortion. For information on upcoming retreats, visit www.postabortionhelp.org.


The Silent No More Awareness Campaign provides opportunities for men and women who have been involved in a past abortion to speak out about their experiences and advocate for an end to abortion and the damage it causes. Their focus is on education and raising awareness. For more information, visit www.silentnomoreawareness.org.


SaveOne seeks to provide hope for women and men suffering after abortion. They offer help through group study, one-on-one help, and answering questions and giving encouragement through self-study. The Men's Study is a bible-study based workbook/guide to help men heal after abortion (a woman's version is also available). For more information, visit www.saveone.org.


Abortion Changes You is a website giving women, men, family members and others involved in an abortion a safe place to share their experiences in a confidential and neutral environment. Includes articles, information and resources on coping with abortion and resolving the experience, along with links to local support and counseling groups. For more information, visit www.abortionchangesyou.com.



For further information, help and healing


healing info/tips for men or others hurt by abortion

help for those facing an unexpected pregnancy

help for women affected by abortion

help for other family members affected by abortion



Father's Day education and other outreach projects re: how abortion affects men



Father's Day Education/Outreach Project and Other Ways to Help 

There are many ways you can help to educate and reach out to men, families and society about abortion's impact on men. These are just a few:

Join our Father's Day Outreach by downloading, copying and sharing our Father's Day ad or flyer, available in vertical or horizontal formats, plus customizable co-op ads. Use it as an ad, poster or flyer or as an insert in newsletters, bulletins and other publications in print or online.

Learn more about our Father's Day Outreach here.


Ways to help men at risk of or hurt by abortion, learn more and educate the public:

  • Link to our men and abortion page on your site or blog, and share this link on social media, etc.

  • Share the Elliot Institute's Special Report on Men and Abortion on your web site, blog or social networking site.

  • Share the articles, research, personal stories and other information on this page about abortion's impact on men.

  • Speak or write about this issue during events or in publications of men's groups in your community, especially those in which you are a member.

  • A co-op version of our Father's Day ad is available, featuring a boxed-in place to add information about local resources, events or sponsors.

  • Speak out and share other educational materials, based on academic research showing abortion's human rights abuses and risks to women, babies, fathers and families.

  • Write Letters to the Editor incorporating some of the information from these flyers the special report linked below and other material on this site, this page and on the Elliot Institute's site at www.afterabortion.org.

  • Share your own personal story for use on this site and in our education and outreach materials. Please clearly specify your permission to use all or part of it and whether we may also publish your first name only; last name only; first and last name; an alias; or as "anonymous." Email us your story and permission to publish details (write "personal testimony" in the subject line).


Elliot Institute News Special Edition: Men and Abortion



While researchers and mental health professionals are beginning to understand the many ways in which abortion exploits and harms women, the field of research and outreach to men hurt by abortion is only beginning to be explored.


This Elliot Institute News Special Edition looks at some of the available research and offers insights from those who work with men and men who have been there. 


Special Edition: Elliot Institute Report on Men and Abortion





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