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Unwanted, Coerced or Forced Abortions in America and Elsewhere

Abortion Recovery

Risks: from Abuses to Aftereffects, Women Are Dying, Too

Teens and Abortion
Men and Abortion

Other News and Commentary

Personal Stories



Unwanted, coerced or forced abortions in America and elsewhere



Wantedness and Coercion: Key Factors in Understanding Women's Mental Health After Abortion Martha Shuping, M.D.

It Was Never About "Choice" Anyway


Pushing Abortion by Exploiting Normal Feelings About Pregnancy


Interview: Learn More About The Center Against Forced Abortions


Former Abortion Clinic Director Apologizes to Women Coerced Into Abortion


Woman Silenced at NJ Senate Hearing Shares How She Was Coerced Into Abortion at Planned Parenthood


RU-486 and the Assault on Pregnant Women by Susan Enouen, P.E.


"This Wasn't Really Counseling At All" (an excerpt from Giving Sorrow Words)


Concealing Relevant Information Is An "Act of Coercion" (an excerpt from Giving Sorrow Words)

"They Didn't Prepare Me for the Horror" (an excerpt from Giving Sorrow Words)


Abuse Can Take the Form of Forced Abortion by Dr. David Reardon (published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal)


For more about this issue, see the Coerced or Forced Abortions page


More Off-Site Articles:

One Man's Story -- a Humble Man's Admission of Coercion

Planned Parenthood to Pregnant Women -- Can't Help You without Abortion

Abortion Decisions and the Duty to Screen

Two Senseless Deaths - A Heartbreaking Example of Medical Coercion

Center Against Forced Abortions - Resources for Teens, Families & Pregnancy Centers

Abby Johnson: I Regret Selling Abortions at Planned Parenthood

Her Choice, Her Problem. How Abortion Empowers Men. by Richard Stith

Male Coercion and Irresponsibility ... Vesting all reproductive responsibility in the woman enables men to rationalize their irresponsibility toward women who choose not to abort.

Abortion and Coercion -- She was very upset about her coerced abortion three years ago. ... When she expressed this to her husband, he told her to "Deal with it."

A Compelling Answer to Criticisms of Women Who Are Pro-Life After Abortion --




Abortion recovery



You Are Not Alone: A Message from Someone Who's Been There (includes a guide for those seeking healing and links to resources)

A Conspiracy of Silence (from Giving Sorrow Words)


(Learn more: See our Help & Healing section for information and how to offer or find help.)


Risks: from abuses to aftereffects



Most Studies Show Abortion Linked to Increased Mental Health Problems


"See No Evil" - Grand Jury Report on Philly Butcher an Opportunity to Shed Light on Dangerous Negligence of Health Officials and Others


More Than 30 Studies In Last Five Years Show Negative Impact of Abortion on Women's Mental Health


"A Breech of Public Responsibility:" Researcher Responds to Claims That Studies Show No Mental Health Problems After Abortion


RU-486 and the Assault on Pregnant Women by Susan Enouen, P.E.


The Cover-Up - National Abortion Maternal Mortality Statistics  (off-site link)


Abortion Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth (off-site link)


Two Senseless Deaths: The Long Road to Recovery  (off-site link)


Abortionists Not Held Accountable for Mistakes  (off-site link)


The Aftereffects of Abortion (off-site link)


Women at Risk: Abortion and the High Risk Patient  (off-site link)


The Impact of Abortion After Prenatal Diagnosis  (off-site link)


Rape, Incest and Abortion: Beyond the Myths  (off-site link)




Teens and abortion



Is Abortion Better for Teens Than Unplanned Pregnancy?


Detrimental Effects of Adolescent Abortion

No One Told Me I Could Cry: Tiffany's Story

A Generation at Risk: How Teens Are Manipulated Into Abortion


Secret Births


Researchers Say Study Claiming Abortion Not Linked to Teen Depression is Flawed


Largest Abortion Provider Hides Child Sex Abuse -- 10 times

Helping Predators, Harming Teens: Abortion Businesses and the Cover-Up of Sex Crimes


Abuse of Parental Notification Laws Puts Teens at Risk


Special E-News Edition on Teens and Abortion (this contains some of the articles already on this list, as well as additional materials and resources)


For more about this issue, see the Teens page



Men and Abortion



Men and Abortion: Elliot Institute New Special Edition


Links to more articles and research on the impact of abortion on men



Other news and commentary on this issue



Empower Women, Not the State by Christina Dunigan


"The UnChoice" by Matt Abott of www.RenewAmerica.com

Politics vs. Civic duty by Kimberly Fletcher



Personal stories



The UnChoice: Stories From Those Who've Been There



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