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Unsafe: death rates women are dying, too


On this page ...  Unwanted abortions, coercive, negligent or assembly-line medical practices, forced abortions and homicide (the #1 killer of pregnant women) are endangering, maiming or killing women, too. After abortion, 65% suffer symptoms of PTSD and maternal death rates are nearly 4 times higher, reflecting profound exploitation, danger, psychological and physical injury to women, including under-reported but significant death rates.

Higher Risk of Death
Articles, Studies and Information on Death Rates
More News About Botched Abortions and Maternal Deaths

Fact Sheets About Aftereffects 
Forced Abortion in America, including Maternal Homicide


Higher risk of death

* Higher death rates for women after abortion have been found in  large record based studies from three countries: the U.S., Finland and Denmark. 


* Compared to women who give birth, women who abort have an higher risk of death from all causes, which persists for at least eight years, a U.S. record based study found. Higher risk of death from suicide and accidents were most prominent.


 A new record based study has found that having multiple abortions increases the risk of maternal death.


Articles, Studies and Experts' Reports on Death Rates


Deaths Associated with Abortion

A review of published studies on death rates after abortion - Dr. David C. Reardon, et. al.

Abortion Is Nearly Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth
New studies unmask high maternal death rates - Acta Obsetricia et Gynecolgica Scandinavica, 1997


Why U.S. abortion mortality statistics don't tell the whole story, and some women's deaths are overlooked.


Death Rate of Abortion Three Times Higher than Childbirth: 13-year Population Study in Published in Top OB/Gyn Journal

Abortion Linked to Elevated Mortality Rate Among Women


How Safe Is Abortion? by Beverly McMillan, M.D. 


Study Shows Abortion Death Rates Much Higher than Previously Known 


New Zealand Study Finds Violence Increases Risk of Abortion 



Abortion Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth: Studies Unmask High Maternal Death Rates from Abortion 


New Study Shows Women's Death Rate from Abortion Much Higher Than Previously Known 


Informed Consent Booklets Hide True Risks of Abortion


Two Senseless Deaths: The Long Road to Recovery


Abortionists Are Not Held Accountable for Mistakes


Practitioner Who Killed Woman in Botched Abortion Wins Early Release


Family Seeks Answers After Woman Dies Following Chicago Abortion


State Abortion Records Full of Gaps: Thousands of Procedures Not Reported 


National Cancer Institute Admits Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Link, But Why Aren't Women Being Told?


Legal Abortion Doesn't Save Women's Lives, Report Shows


New Studies Continue to Document Physical Risks of Abortion to Women 


New Review Links Abortion to Higher Risk of Preterm Birth: Dozens of Studies Show Women Who Had Abortions More Likely to Have a Later Premature Birth


more research


Off-Site News, Articles and Information 




Botched Abortion Epidemic Continues -- Ambulances called repeatedly to clinics in states throughout the nation. (3/2013


Abortion Clinic Anesthetist Accused of Infecting 12 Women with Hepatitis C


New York Abortionist Investigated for Abortion Death

Report Reveals Filthy Conditions, Health Violations at N.J. Abortion Center  

New Jersey Woman Suffers Coma after Abortion: Clinic Shut Down Because of "Immediate and Serious" Health Risks

After Comatose Victim, Two More Women Injured At New Jersey Abortion Clinic Come Forward


Abortion Clinic Attempt to Hide Botched Abortion Emergency

Four-State Abortion Empire Crumbles Following Botched Abortion

Fact Sheets

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