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Ad/fundraising ideas
How to raise money to run ads in your community

Plan ahead!  Ways to fund a campaign.

You or your organization can run "The UnChoice" major-media campaign close to home and make a real difference.


If you can't afford a bigger campaign or in the meantime, while you're raising funds, there are many ways you can be quite effective with free or low-cost options, including anything from the Mix & Match Menu

It may be a small campaign featuring one or a few ads and media, or a big-splash multimedia campaign that runs for a few months or more. (See Ads 101 for tips on how to select and plan media.) You can make a big difference with a little planning to raise funds for media costs.

Whether it's a mini-campaign or a big splash outreach, set a goal and take small steps toward a complete campaign. Here are a few fundraising ideas to help you get started:

Fundraising ideas:

  • Plan a traditional fundraiser, such as a bake sale, charity pot luck, car wash, silent auction, walk-a-thon, or raffle, etc., or do two fundraisers a year for an even bigger impact.

  • Place ads in newsletters, bulletins, etc. asking for contributors or sponsors. Place ads in school, church or civic publications seeking volunteers for your fundraising event.

  • Team up and combine resources with other individuals, civic groups or businesses to run ads. Family-friendly business sponsors or civic organizations may be interesting in having their logo or message featured on co-op versions of ads or posters, which feature a boxed-in area for a customized message.

  • Write a letter or speak to your organization's members about the need to educate others. Ask them to donate or help raise money for a full-scale campaign in your area later on in the year. Include one or two sample ads or the campaign thumbnail sheet (coming soon).

  • Use co-op ads and ask like-minded individuals, group or corporate sponsor them as a community service. You can add a corporate logo if a company wants to show its concern for these issues. Co-op ads feature a boxed-in area you can customize or use to promote speakers, video-showings, counseling resources, etc.

  • Schedule a video showing, a speaker or special event - Ask a local post-abortion or pregnancy resource center representative to speak. Ask for contributions at the event and handout pre-addressed envelopes for those who may want to donate later to support a local campaign.

Downloadable Display Ads/Flyers

You can use the images below as artwork in a letter to your group. (Simply copy and paste into your file).
Or download pdf ad files to use as an insert, handout or email attachment.




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for post-abortion counseling referrals, call 1-877-HOPE-4-ME or click here.
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