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Letters to the editor and other forums
In print or online, one person or a group
can have an impact


Sample Letters to the Editor
Tips for Writing Letters that Get Published


Online or in print, in mass media or targeted publications, the "Letters to the Editor" section is a well-attended public forum!

On the web or in print, this page is like a town hall meeting. Your letter reaches many and can help share important new facts about unwanted abortions plus post-abortion harm and heartbreak ... helping to end abortion's injustice and danger to both the unborn and women.


Experts say that one letter represents hundreds of others who share the same view. Lawmakers and leaders from all sectors of society pay close attention to the information and perspectives aired in these public forums.


Some editors will even cover the issue if it's a unique perspective or if your letter receives a lot of response. Your letter can also help educate and encourage others to find help or to get involved in some way.


One letter can do a lot!


Here are a few tips to keep in mind. Also, see our downloadable Tips for Writing Letters that Get Published in MS Word.

Watch for timely stories or dates
If a web site or newspaper publishes anything at all about abortion, pregnancy-related discrimination, pregnancy-related violence, or post-abortion issues, this is a great time to comment on the topic. Focus on sharing new information that unwanted abortions are common and post-abortion risks, injuries and injustices are significant, too. Use our supporting facts and see our PR Calendar, as well, so you can write timely letters for added impact.


Your "vote" counts for hundreds! 
Political leaders read these letters to gauge what people are thinking. They know that one letter represents hundreds who also care, but don't have the time to write. 

Use our sample letters to the editor as a guide
If you have writer's block, use any of these sample letters as a guide and then put the letter into your own words. 



More Ways to Multiply Your Impact!

Organize a letter-writing campaign

Write often or for example on annual dates, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas (often difficult for those hurt by abortion). Or, watch and write as stories and issues arise. (Plan to run a healing ad or distribute healing "business cards," classified or bulletin ads and postcards, too.)



Send a press release or an introductory media kit
Gather a few basic introductory materials to send to journalists and editors. Ask them to write a feature story or news coverage about local or national examples of unwanted, coerced or forced abortion, and related injustices and risks to all mothers, especially those most vulnerable.
Tie these in with timely anniversaries and events, too.

(See a sample press release and tips on our press release page. And, check our PR Calendar for timely national events or dates.)

Make sure your release is sent to the right department and editor. For example, send it to the attention of: Features Editor, News Editor, Local News, State News, Religion Editor or other appropriate specialized departments. Check the masthead or web site for specific editors, listings and names for each department, or call ahead to get the current editor's correct name and title.


Send to local print, broadcast, internet and special-interest civic, religious or school publications, in print or on-line

In addition to local newspapers, there are many other outlets to consider in print or in on-line forums, blogs, web sites, list serves, etc. Since abortion affects everyone directly or indirectly, just about any publication will reach someone who needs to hear the message.


Consider men's publications, too. Many fathers have been involved in an abortion or have lost a loved one to pregnancy-related violence or to post-abortion complications.


You can also multiply your impact by taking one letter and versioning it for several publications.

Here are a few examples:

  • women's or men's club newsletters or magazines

  • civic group newsletters or magazines

  • volunteer group newsletters

  • campus publications

  • religious publications

  • conservative or general-interest news and trade publications

  • magazines targeted to special interests or groups; e.g., students, senior citizens, etc.

  • popular web sites and blogs


Write to political, civic and religious leaders
You can send your release, plus our sample letter to politicians or letter to pastors. Use our sample letters as a guide and write in your own words. You can also share "What Every American Needs to Know" or "Portraits of Coercion," to help educate leaders. Most on all "sides" of this issue don't realize the coercion is the norm, not the exception, and that unwanted abortions are an injustice in their own right. Pregnancy-related discrimination, abuse and abortion endanger both the unborn and women. Ask your leaders to speak out about injustices and risks to both and to support authentic rights for women.



Helpful Resources 

Tips for Writing Letters that Get Published

Sample Letters to the Editor

Sample Letter to Legislators
Sample Letter to Pastors

Sample Press Release and Media Tips

Supporting Facts for Your Letter to the Editor
(or Enclosures for Letters to Leaders or Journalists)

What Every American Needs to Know

Portraits of Coercion,

Forced Abortion in America Fact Sheet
Forced Abortion in America Report (26-page pdf - use for examples)

Resources Page

Research Page

Political Kit Page

Advocacy & Outreach Section

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