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On this page ... you'll find tips about writing and sending press releases, a sample press release template and links to related information and resources.


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Sample press release & media tips



Why write and send a press release?

Public relations (PR) is a free and effective way to publicize an event, get media coverage of your projects, or raise awareness about teens and women in your own community who are at risk of unwanted, coerced or forced abortion, and post-abortion injury, heartbreak and higher maternal death rates. It will prompt writers and editors to write about this issue or your events and activities. It will inspire feature stories and interviews with local women and families.


How to write a press release
(Click here for a sample press release to use as a guide to use with your own original content, written in your own words.)

  • Use professional letterhead, if you have it. It helps to convey a professional image, but if you don't have letterhead, simply center and boldface the name of your organization at the top of the page, along with contact information formatted as illustrated in our sample press release.

  • Paragraph One should be a concise summary of the information in your press release. An editor will want it to answer: "who, what, where, when and why"

  • K.I.S.S. ... Keep it Short and Simple - Include just the basic facts and one or two quotes from your group leader, a local abortion survivor, pregnancy resource or post-abortion counseling rep

  • Use the sample press release as a general guide for format, organization and content only

  • Just the facts.  Avoid editorializing, but feel free to include a few statistics from this site; for example: Top 10 Reasons Abortion is the UnChoice or statistics about the psychological risks and physical risks of abortion (Always prefaced by a brief mention of the context of widespread unwanted, coerced or forced abortion to avoid misunderstandings by those suffering aftereffects.)

  • Include contact information. Include a local contact name and number from your organization; for example, a group leader or representative, a local abortion survivor or local post-abortion or pregnancy resource center counselor who has agreed to talk with the media. (See our help and healing section for lists of groups who may be able to help you find someone willing to be interviewed.)

  • Closing paragraph. End with summary paragraph about your group at the end.

  • Limit to one page, or two - front-and-back max ... write "over" or "more" if 2 pages, write ### or - end- if your release fits on a single page.

  • Plan ahead and time your release for better coverage. Send a release timed with current events - see our PR Calendar for ideas.

3Send your press release to the attention of:  Features Editor, News Editor, Religion Editor. It's good to check the publication, site or masthead, or call for current editor's correct personal name and title.

4.  Include: Portraits of Coercion and/or Forced Abortion in America plus a Press Release (see sample) to reporters, bloggers, editors, local radio and broadcast stations and other media.  Follow up with a phone call or note or just an offer to provide information if they're interested in learning more about this issue.

  • Include contact info for local representatives, counselors or advocates willing to be interviewed

  • Send to low-cost local print, broadcast and special-interest publications,
    e.g., women's club newsletters, volunteer- and civic-oriented newsletters/magazines/web sites


PR calendar


One person or group can do a lot when you plan ahead.
The PR Calendar offers a month-by-month list, plus "anytime" event tie-ins to help you with your planning.


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