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Widespread coercion

Babies & moms at risk

Injustice to all involved

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You are not alone 



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Coerced Abortions

Forced Abortions in U.S.

Rape & Incest

Teens & Abortion

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Abortion & Suicide



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Information kits

Educate media, political, education, civic & religious leaders


n this page ... free downloadable Information Kits that you can use as digital or printed files. Customize for varied audiences, from journalists, editors and media reps to schools, educators, youth groups and students to political, civic and religious group leaders. Keep one or more customized kits handy. Easy to update as new research becomes available.


Information Kits filled with the latest research and resources are easy to assemble and convenient to use. Simply download free evidence-based materials and put them in a printed or digital user-friendly kit. This will be a handy reference for yourself and others.


Once you've assemble materials by topic, theme or purpose, keep, post or forward the kit to anyone who wants to learn more about this issue.


For printed, hard-copy kits, look for folders or binders with a business-card sized slot so you can add a local contact for media and others who want to learn more or set up an interview with a local source. (You can also use this slot for our pre-formatted business-card-sized message cards.


Whether you put documents in an e-file or print them out, customized Information Kits are a great way to inform and educate:

  • Media leaders, journalists and editors,

  • Advocates and activists,

  • School authorities, educators and students,

  • Medical and health care providers, experts and organizations,

  • Parents, pastors, counselors, religious groups and leaders,

  • The general public. (Distribute the kits at presentations, fair booths, conferences, meetings, etc.)

Mix & Match

 Create your own kits ...

sample information kit

Download materials based on academic research.

  • Use a folder, a tabbed binder or digital files.

  • Consider one with a slot for your business card with local contact details or a general message card.

  • Group digital files in a folder or use a condensed Zip file or other file-condensing formats for large e-files.

  • See list of customized kit ideas below.



Basic Materials:


Support Materials:


Other Sample Ads/Flyers

Click on images below to download




Be sure to check back on this page for more materials and new kits in the coming weeks!

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Suggested kits


Available kits


Mix and match materials and download them or put them in a condensed Zip file create your own introductory kit. Once you've selected which materials you want to include, create a Table of Contents to make it convenient for them to find things. Version kits for each audience. For example:

  1. Introductory Kit

  2. Teens, Students, Educators or Parents Kit (Mix and match from the basic Intro Kit plus teens at risk fact sheet, sample ads from the teen series ad campaign, or use the Teens & Abortion Special Report. See also teens page and selected "teens" or "parents" ads from the small space/bulletin clip art series. Encourage teachers you know to use these and other materials on this site in their lesson plans.

  3. Pastors/Counselors/Outreach Kit (Use this sample pastors letter, the Introductory Kit plus healing ads and resources from the Healing Kit below.

  4. Healing Kit (Include healing ads and counseling resource list (pdf) and other booklets about healing or how to help from our Help & Healing section. 

  5. Political Kit - See Political Kit page for resources to educate and challenge legislators, political activists and advocates and candidates.

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for post-abortion counseling referrals, call 1-877-HOPE-4-ME or click here.
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