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Planning and events calendar  
Timely media and outreach dates, resources and link

 Planning Tips The Right Tools and Timing Matter

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Easy ways to leverage your education outreach and advocacy efforts.



Timing, Tools and Tactics


What will people be talking about in coffee shops, cafes or around the water cooler? Look ahead and be ready with resources and answers by using the calendar below.


There are many ways to coordinate pro-woman/pro-life messages with timely events, supported by holistic big-picture evidence from the Elliot Institute and others.  


Check the calendar below for opportunities and related supporting resources from the Elliot Institute. You can also incorporate these messages into existing plans; for example, Signature Ads  State Fair Outreach, voter or candidate education, school-year lesson plans and activities, Christmas, and others, to name just a few.

The planning calendar below offers ideas to enhance and expand your education and outreach plans. If you really want to make a big difference, consider planning a fundraising project to support running The UnChoice campaign in your community. Or, choose anything from the ready-to-run Mix & Match menu of ads and educational materials suitable for most audiences. 


Jan     Feb     March     April    May     June
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Planning Tips Article




This list includes links to associations that sponsor annual events. They are for informational purposes and are not an endorsement of any group, program or philosophy. Also, dates may change from year to year. While we try to keep this list updated, please check association web sites to make sure you have the correct date and current details.



Highlights: March for Life and other Roe v. Wade anniversary events. See other months to plan ahead for the month, quarter and year.




See other months to plan ahead for the month, quarter and year.


Highlights: teens and plan ahead for the month, quarter and year.

  • World Down Syndrome Day (March 21) -- most pregnancies are aborted after a diagnoses of Down Syndrome (often after parents are given poor information and pressured to abort). Many people don't know that such abortions can negatively impact the parents too. Share information and personal stories about the psychological and physical effects on parents. 



Highlights: Abortion recovery, counseling, sexual assault, alcohol awareness, child abuse prevention -- a good time to educate the public about abortion's exploitation and harm to women and to donate to a pro-woman/pro-life organization. Plan ahead for Mother's Day outreach and for the month, quarter and year.


Highlights: Mother's Day outreach, National Day of Prayer, women's health, teen pregnancy prevention, family, children's mental health and substance abuse related birth defects, and plan ahead for the month, quarter and year


Highlights: Father's Day, mental health, abused women and children, and plan ahead for the month, quarter and year



Highlights: State Fair plan-ahead, back-to-school plan-ahead, parenting/abortion's effects on subsequent children, plan ahead for the month, quarter and year




Highlights: State fair, health fairs and festivals, back-to-school lesson plans or youth outreach; plan-ahead for October Life Chain, signature ad and other projects, and plan ahead for the month, quarter and year



Highlights: Suicide prevention; back-to-school lesson plans or youth outreach; violence against women; alcohol and drug risk; marriage and family issues; and plan ahead for the month, quarter and year  



Highlights: annual National Life Chain, domestic violence, breast cancer, teens, clinical depression, Down's syndrome, mental health, plan ahead for the month, quarter and year.




Highlights: Abortion's impact on family and relationships, adoption, lung cancer, premature birth risk, holidays, plan ahead for the month, quarter and year



Highlights: holidays, January plan-ahead and tax-deductible year-end donation reminder, plan ahead for the month, quarter and year

Anytime ...


Ads, materials, media tips, project ideas, and plan ahead for the month, quarter and year.

Educational materials

Media and public relations tips


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