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Mother's Day Outreach

Simple ways to share a new message and new hope 


Ads/Flyers    Bookmarks    Business-Card-Size Messages 

Billboard    Gift Ideas    Letters to the Editor    Prayers


Join the Mother's Day Outreach

  • Share new evidence and educate/warn the public

  • Share new hope, while saving lives -- often two at a time

  • Reach those facing coercion or pressuring others

  • Encourage those already hurt, especially individuals or families already hurt by abortion or at risk of post-abortion heartbreak, trauma or even suicide

  • Change tomorrow's culture by exposing abortion's exploitation, abuse, harm and heartbreak to all involved

Mother's Day can be a hard -- or even dangerous -- day for women and families facing pressure or even force to abort against their will, and heartbreaking for those who have already lost a child to abortion.

It can also be challenging for families who have lost both a daughter and unborn child to assembly-line medicine or other gatekeepers who may be wolves in sheep's clothing. Some families among us have also lost a teen or adult daughter, sister or friend.


Before and on Mother's Day, share these "big picture evidence" flyers, ads, bookmarks or message cards. Write letters to the editor, too. 


See the materials below including our co-op versions, which have space to add your own information. We also have business cards formatted to print out 10-per-page on Avery or other business-card-sized templates. Or, simply take the art to a local printer to make copies.




Mother's Day ad or co-op version*


Mother's Day co-op ad vertical format*


Healing ad or co-op version*

General audience ad



Please note, with the exception of co-op versions of these ads, alterations to these ads are not permitted. (Custom details may be added added in the boxed area of co-op ads.) 

You are welcome to use these resources free of charge, due to the urgency of this issue; however, if you can, please consider making a donation to support this work.




Bookmarks & business cards


Use this artwork for bookmarks, clip art or small ads.


healing bookmark or ad

mother’s day bookmark or ad


Business-Card-Sized Message or Ad




The business card is available in two formats:


Click here for single-card artwork that can be used as an ad or clip art, taken to a printer or used with an online print service.


Click here for 10-cards-per-page template that you can print on your home or office printer using Avery business cards.


The cards are already properly sized for most Avery business cards (see the list of compatible product numbers on the template page here). Follow product instructions for printing.


Other business card or small space ads and clip art


Choose from many other small space ads, too, with varied styles and messages.


Please note, alterations to the front of these ads and educational materials are not permitted. Information about local resources or the sponsoring organization may be added to the back of the business cards and bookmarks. See the terms of use for further details before using or publishing these materials.

Remember, you  can use these resources free of charge, but please consider making a donation to help this work continue!



Restored Rose Healing Billboard


Please note: what we are providing is the artwork only. Contact us at 1-888-412-2676 or elliotinstitute@gmail.com if you are interested in running a billboard. Or, see http://www.prolifebillboard.htm for valuable information and help with this type of advertising.


You can use these resources free of charge, but please consider making a donation to help this work continue!


Blessings and gift ideas, including messages for those who are hurting 



These and other gifts are a good way to extend the gift of hope to anyone who deserves a blessing and a word of encouragement.


Wooden or tile gift boxes and a ceramic ornament feature the following blessing:


May the Lord bless you and take care of you
May the Lord be kind and gracious to you
May the Lord look upon you with favor and give you peace.


Add a personal memento or message to the gift box to make it a unique and meaningful gift. Encourage someone who is grieving or on the long journey to healing with these and other gifts from the Message Shop.


You can personalize these gifts; e.g., by enclosing your favorite verse, a shared photo, a meaningful article, an encouraging quotation or prayer, a small inspirational booklet, medals, medallions, jewelry or charms, or even rose petals or a special gift or gift certificate in the wooden or tile gift box.




1) "There is Hope" Journal A place to share or record memories, inspirational quotes or personal thoughts on the journey toward healing.

2) "The Blessing" Keepsake Box features our stained-glass rose image on a quality-crafted classic tile and wood box. The broken/restored symbolizes hope and renewal.


3) Rose Blessing Ornament A quality-crafted keepsake ornament that comes with a matching red ribbon. An ideal "thinking of you" gift that will extend your appreciation and God's blessing for years to come.


more (off-site link)


Pray ...


for children lost and those still at risk of abortion


for mothers who had an unwanted abortion


for all mothers who lost a child to abortion and for those hurt by pregnancy- and abortion-related injustices or violence, plus those coerced, deceived, marginalized, blackmailed, traumatized or killed for resisting an unwanted abortion


for fathers hurt by abortion, many of whom were also coerced by experts or gatekeepers, and for other men who were directly or indirectly denied authentic choice


for mothers who died from pregnancy-related violence or those who died during or after abortion


for the families of those whose loved ones were injured or killed ...


read more


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