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Read this before using print, broadcast and billboard ads



All materials are copyrighted by the Elliot Institute. No alterations are permitted, with the exception of Co-op Ads.


Due to the urgency of this new evidence, we have condensed it into user-friendly materials for easier sharing. We want to provide generous access to those who share our concern and support our work.  If you find this information and these  materials helpful, please donate what you can to support this work.


You can call or send donations by PayPal or mail: Elliot Institute, P.O. Box 7348, Springfield, IL 62791-7348.  Or call 1-888-412-2676.


Important Note:  Put Any Messages within this "Big Picture: Context:

lways begin every message or outreach -- especially those in mass media -- by putting it within the "big picture" context of evidence that:

1. Most abortions are unwanted or coerced via direct, indirect, synergistic, escalating or even violent forms;
2. Forced abortions are happening in America and elsewhere. Homicide is the #1 killer of pregnant women; and
3. Post-abortion grief, injury and maternal death rates are significant.

Download and share the big picture message with citations. See:



Ads may not be altered ... including text, message or graphics


These materials have been professionally developed, grounded in new academic research and guided by the insights and expertise of those who specialize in sensitive pregnancy- and abortion-related issues, including widespread pregnancy-related abuses, coercion, maternal deaths, and unwanted or even forced abortions.


We have tried to be respectful of the highly personal and varied circumstances and experiences of women, men and families impacted directly or indirectly by abortion ... as well as the friends and families of women who grieve not only the loss of an unborn child, but often the loss of a daughter, sister or friend broken or killed before or after abortion.

Subtle but important context and nuances can be lost when ads or portions of the ads appear out of context.
In order to maintain the the clarity, context, integrity, message and impact of the campaign materials, alterations are not permitted, with the exception of Co-op ads and posters.


Co-op versions feature a special boxed area that may be customized according to the terms specified below.

Two primary ways to use the ads and materials on this site

There are two primary options for using these materials.


1. As freestanding ads and educational materials from our Mix & Match menu of materials suitable to be used alone or along with other free or low-cost options,

2. As a multimedia campaign using a family of focused messages, matching ads and supporting materials. (Read Ads 101 or consult a media professional before selecting this option.)


Please read Ads 101 first to learn about available options and the most effective way to select and use ads, materials and media. Or, consult a media expert to guide you, especially if you plan to run a campaign. If you choose to use materials individually, select only ads from the Mix & Match menu, which includes ads suitable for this type of use.


Share the cost or customize the message with co-op ads

Many of these ads are also available in co-op versions, which have a boxed-in area for your own information, such as local civic, religious group or business sponsors, services, events or contact information. Learn more about co-op ads below.


On this page ...

Choose the right ad, campaign or medium

Read Ads 101 before advertising

About co-op ads

Type and graphic requirements for customizing Co-op Ads

Let us know where, when and how you use the ads
Let us know about any feedback or results you achieve

Send copies, or, if you run a billboard, send us a photo!


Choose the right ad, campaign or medium


To advertise effectively, it is important to choose the right ad, campaign or medium. If you want to proceed with little or no planning or investment, choose anything from our Mix & Match menu of ads and materials suitable for general use. You can find more ideas on our Low-Cost/No-Cost page, in our Advocacy and Outreach section, and on our PR and Events Planning Calendar. The Mix & Match menu also includes healing-focused ads and materials with the "restored-rose" stained-glass rose graphic, that can be run alone or as a campaign, and

The UnChoice major-media campaign requires a bit more planning, media expertise and/or assistance and fundraising for effective results.



Read "Ads 101" First

Advertising works well, when done properly. Studies show it takes up to 7 or more times of repetition per ad before people fully hear, remember and act on it. Paying attention to a few fundamentals is important. For any kind of advertising, it will help to read Ads 101 first. This is especially true if you want to do a campaign. Then visit the Ad Campaign page to see what materials are available and how they should be used.


About Co-op ads and posters ... These versions feature a boxed-in area where you can add customized information.


Co-op (Customizable) Ads
A co-op version is available for many of the ads. (Look for the co-op link below the ad and click on it to see the co-op version.)


The co-op version has a small box at the bottom of the ad for text promoting your local event, organization or counseling outreach. Versioning is restricted to this boxed-in area at the bottom and limited to the co-op text requirements below.


The printer at the publication or media in which you advertise can insert the text you provide ... or ask a graphic designer or quick-print vendor to add the text.

Type and graphic requirements for Co-op ads

  • All black text, Futura Light 12-point type (If you do not have Futura Light type, substitute with Helvetica, Arial or another common san serif typeface.)

  • Do not use more than one typestyle and limit use of bold-face or italics.

  • Limit text to basic information about your event or organization.
    For example, the name of your organization, web address, contact name/number and other facts, such as the date, time and place, name and description of a local event or speaker.

  • A logo is not recommended, but if one is used, it must be:
    in the boxed-in area of a co-op ad or poster
    ... small-scale, in black ink and a maximum of -inch in height
    ... with typeface no larger than 12-point type.
    ... position the logo in the lower left side of the add-on box.

  • Run any additional messages, graphics or art in a separate, adjacent ad.
    Any additional text or art can be put in a separate ad you can position adjacent to or near The UnChoice ad, on the same page within the same publication.



Let us know how and where you use the ads, results noted. Send photos, too!


Please let us know about your outreach and any feedback, including:

1. How and where you use or have used the ads
2. Any responses or lessons you learned that might help or encourage others

3. Any successful results noted

  • Email elliotinstitute@gmail.com 

  • If you run a billboard, send a photo! We'd appreciate a photo of the billboard in use and we may post it online. Feel free to send other photos, too; for example a photo of your group with a local radio announcer or standing in front of a station that ran radio ads. Include the name of your group and permission to use the photo. (Not all photos will be used and we regret that we are unable to respond to all inquiries.) 

  • If you run print, internet or broadcast ads, send details. We and others doing this outreach would appreciate information, photos or copies of ads run. Send them Elliot Institute, PO Box 7348, Springfield, IL. For broadcast ads, let us know the market, dates and station call letters or podcast urls, and mention which ads were aired.


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