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Political kit & other resources
Share with voters, leaders, lawmakers & advocates on all sides


In this section ... pro-woman/pro-life resources based on academic research distilled into user-friendly formats for public audiences and suitable for general use. This section also includes tools to educate leaders and advocates on all sides.

Few political leaders, activists or voters on all "sides" know new "Big Picture" evidence of abortion, including 1) News that most abortions in America are unwanted or coerced, and about forced abortions in  America and pregnancy-related homicides, or 2) That unethical, negligent and unsafe professional practices endangering and killing not only babies, but mothers, too.

Important new evidence defies conventional wisdom about "choice" or "safe" "healthcare." Educate others about this  "pre-abortion" reality that is not about choice, but rather a human rights abuse in its own right that endangers women and the unborn from all walks of life. Furthermore, serious
aftereffects, including physical and emotional harm and higher maternal death rates are part of the abortion story and its exploitation of and danger to the rights and lives of women and children.


Americans on all "sides" of this issue deserve to know the whole story.  Share the evidence-based materials in this section.

Write letters or send pre-formatted postcards, letters and flyers



Basic, evidence-based materials to share:


Choose from the links below for educational materials or project ideas you can use alone or as a kit to share with political leaders, advocates and others.

Use some or all of these materials. The postcard shown here is formatted to print on standard office-supply templates, such as Avery. Or, you can take it to a printer or simply use one of the many flyer or ad versions. There are other good introductory "big picture" educational resources below . They offer  new evidence that challenges fundamental thinking and conventional wisdom about abortion. 


Educational materials

Project ideas

What Every American Needs to Know (flyer)
What Every American Needs to Know (postcard)
Portraits of Coercion (flyer)

Forced Abortion in America (fact sheet, flyer or booklet)

Small ads, clip art & business-card messages

Letter to political leaders

Letters to the editor

Letter to pastors, religious and civic leaders

Information kits (see political kit and other information kit ideas below)

Press release (include a copy in kit)



Send our cover letter include a few flyers or an entire kit



Create handy information and reference kits to use and share. Select one or a few materials from the list below. Put copies in a folder or tabbed binder, or combine materials into a compressed electronic zip file. Then, email the materials with local contact information.


You can also put materials onto a DVD or flash drive to share, or send an email with links to key documents. Forward copies to political blog et. al. editors and in social-media. Share this with any and all political or civic group leaders and advocates on all sides of this issue.


sample information kit

Basic Materials:

Supporting Materials:

Include Sample Display Ads/Flyers

Click on images below to download ...




Model Coerced/Forced Abortion Legislation for States


Learn more about laws in states such as South Dakota and Nebraska, which stop abortionists from profiteering by exploiting requires clinics to screen for coercion and known risk factors. Similar laws in your state can expose the human rights abuse of unwanted, coerced or forced abortion and other negligent, unethical and exploitation medical practices, while also hold clinics accountable for its heartbreaking aftermath. Learn more -- and help pass similar laws based on model legislation from the Elliot Institute -- in your state.




Learn more

Forced Abortion report
Legislative initiative


Articles and Information

Politics vs. Civic Duty ... It is important that we understand the difference between politics and civic responsibility, because they are not the same thing. And our nation is in the terrible state it is, where freedom hangs in the balance, because we have not fulfilled our civic responsibility. read more


Outreach Projects

Letter-writing templates:

Letter to political leaders

Letters to the editor

Letter to pastors, religious and civic leaders

Information kits (see political kit and other information kit ideas below)

Press release (include a copy in kit)

12 ways to help

Low-cost/no-cost ideas



Supporting Resources


"What Every American Needs to Know" series:

  • letter, ad, postcard, and customizable versions

  • other versions for varied groups (men and women) or for use outside America 

Pro-woman/pro-life signature ads and more

Small ads, cards, etc.

Fact sheets, flyers, etc.


Information kits


Media tips & tools

PR calendar
Information About News Releases
Sample news release

PR, Ads and Advocacy (Section)



Ads & awareness

Ads & campaigns

How to run ads



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